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You will be missed but never forgotten.
We love you.

Welcome to the Tara  Appreciation web site, this site WAS originally created in order to stop the nasty rumor that UPN, Mutant Enemy and Joss Whedon would be Killing
the character Tara
off of the show
Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard we tried, she was killed off in the episode "Seeing Red".  I would like to thank everyone who came here with love and hope in their hearts for Tara.

Important update, Please Read!

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 Note to Tara Appreciation Supporters and Guests:

Many people have informed me that they support Amber Benson (Tara) if her leaving the show is of her own choice.  I myself agree that if Amber  wants to leave BTVS, then it is totally her choice and I as  a fan (like many others) will support  Amber  wholeheartedly in any decision that she makes. But, as far I or  anyone else knows, this is not a known fact.  Because of this reason, this web site has been created. If I or  anyone else finds out that Amber is the one who wants to leave BTVS then I will stop the petition.  Until then, this site will stay here for the fans to plead with UPN and Joss to please not take Tara off the show.

If anyone has any questions or suggestions, please e-mail me at:

 Site Updates:

July 19/02
Amber at Toronto Trek 16 Pics added. Wanna See?
May 26/02
Changed things up a bit. Many of you have emailed me asking me to not shut down this website.  I have desided that it will stay open and I will be redesigning it into a Tara Shrine. Please be patient as I do this. Thank you for you support once again.

March 13/02
Looks like time is running out for Tara.  The recent spoilers from the weekend are devastating.  I am not a happy camper.  Though nothing is 100% confirmed as of yet. I tried my best guys, I'm sorry I couldn't do more.  I guess we have to trust in Joss and hope he will bring Tara back in some way next season.  If Tara dies, Tara Appreciation may shut down permanantly, or will turn into some kind of Tara Shrine, I really don't know at this point. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for the support, I'll tell Amber how much you all love her when I meet her in July. I'm gonna go cry in the corner now.

March 5/02
Added Toronto Trek Chat Room....Yay Amber in T.O.
January 25/02
Sorry I haven't done any recent updates, just some new links, I'll be updating more often.  So check back soon.
October 9/01
Note to visitors added. Read Note.
October 8/01
Message Boards and Chat Rooms Added!
October 7/01
Tara Appreciation Web Site Created and Launched.


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