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Who Were We?
We were FANS, we were fans that the love the character Tara on the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer and we are supporters of the relationship of Willow and Tara.  Recently, we had found out through various web sites that there is a chance that our beloved Tara my be killed off this season.  Unfortunately, Tara was killed off in the episode "Seeing Red" and we are very disappointed and mad. But, now we live with the hope that Tara will somehow come back to us next season.


Through the last 3 seasons of Buffy, we had fallen in love with Tara (played by the talented Amber Benson) and have come to appreciate her as more then a recurring role and as more then a 'phase' for Willow (played by the talented Alyson Hannigan).  We did not want this season to be the last time we see Tara or this relationship on screen.   

We begged UPN (the station that owns Buffy) and of Joss Whedon (the almighty creator of Buffy) to reconsider killing off Tara this season or any other.  But, they didn't listen as always.  Why do what the fans want?  We are not important to the life of the show right?
 We the FANS, DID NOT want this.