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Most people think that they have no say in this world, and as though this is sometimes true, people do listen, especially TV stations and producers of TV shows. They listen to the FANS.  Cause without the FANS, they don't have a show, they don't have a TV station,  they don't have a job.
We can do many things, this web site being one of them.  We can write letters, make petitions, send e-mails, phone, etc..  We can do many things and from many different resources.  If you support Tara and want her to stay on the show, then do something about it, do one or all of the things that I have noted above. But, we all have to stand together! Everybody pitch in and help!
If we, the FANS all rally together to show our support and solidarity in the fact that we should have a say in the matters of the show, they with listen.  They understand that we are a very demanding public and that we know what we like and what we want.  What we like is Tara, and Tara with Willow.  We love BTVS but we love it more because of Willow and Tara.  We can not imagine BTVS without Tara and this relationship.  The show would lose the magic that is on-screen when the two characters appear together. We have to all show our support and say to UPN and Joss:

'Having a relationship that is open
to exploring their sexuality is about the
same as having a girl hero -
 just something natural....
My show is about emotion.  
Love is the most powerful, messy, delightful
and dangerous emotion.  
Willow's in love.
I think it's cool.'   

-- Joss Whedon